SketchUp Make

SketchUp Pro

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DKK 5.395*

Allowed Usage






       Email/telephone support

       Local advice/service/upgrading from CAD-conversion

         Online Help Center, Video Tutorials and Groups

3D Modeling



         Create custom intelligent components

       Using all of SU's simple powerful tools

       Solid Modeling: Union, intersect, subtract, split and trim volumes

BIM Tools



       Tag geometry with industry-standard object types

       IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes) export    incl. 3D geometry and metadata

       IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes) import




       Generate reports (xml, csv) of all named entities with associated attributes

Exporting and importing



       Import and Export of COLLADA (DAE) and KML

       Import and Export of 3D models and 2D graphics (DWG,DXF,3DS, JPEG, PNG, etc.)

Runs in a Network Environment

Documentation & Presentation



       Create large-format, multi-page design documents


       Link, update and embed SketchUp models in 2D presentations to keep changes synchronized


       Share multi-page documents with clients in PDF, print, raster image or Presentation mode


       Present SketchUp models in live, full-screen presentations


       Create scene-based animations for dynamic fly-through presentations




       High-quality printing including vector, raster and hybrid rendering modes


       Print on any sheet size, icluding large-format


       Print multi-page documents


       Print single-page views of your SketchUp models




       Create custom edge treatments for styles


       Edit and share styles

3D Warehouse Integration



       Find, share and store pre-built components in the 3D Warehouse

Google Earth Integration



       Include real world context for your models, including aerial photos and terrain, from Google Earth

* Subject to Trimble adjustments and currency exchange rate.